Workforce Development and Technology 

OCA is dedicated to ensuring that AAPIs’ civil rights and privacy are protected even as technology and society advances.

AAPIs increasing utilization of technology makes our communities vulnerable to data breaches and data-driven civil rights violations like demographic information-based discrimination. Moreover, with the rise of facial recognition and surveillance technologies, it is critical that there be protections in place for AAPIs and other communities of color. OCA is committed to fighting for comprehensive tech policies that put people first and safeguard personal information and civil rights.

Alongside technology, our economy and workforce are changing. To meet these needs, OCA fights for workforce and professional development programs that empower AAPIs, instead of leaving them behind.

As our country continues to digitize, it is pivotal that AAPIs help shape the policies and regulations that create the framework for innovation. OCA believes that all Americans should have equitable access to modern communications networks, including mobile phones and broadband. Many within our community lack access to the internet - which hurts their educational attainment, income, and other socioeconomic opportunities.