Racial Equity and Inclusion

The 2017 FBI Hate Crimes Report shows a continued increase in hate crimes against AAPIs. Anti-Asian incidents have increased over the last few years and anti-NHPI incident have increased fifty-six percent in 2017. However, due to systemic underreporting, the reality for AAPIs is not accurately represented by this data. Since OCA’s founding, we have fought tirelessly against anti-AAPI hate crimes. OCA continues to work on the ground to foster a stronger society in which our community feels safer. OCA demands an end to racial profiling which has caused fear in our community and prevents individuals from leading their daily lives.


  • Better tracking and reporting of hate crimes towards AAPIs

  • Content moderation on hate speech and language discrimination

  • Prohibit any profiling based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity

  • Implementation of programs that support workforce diversity

*Please see AAPI Hate Crimes Reporting Page here.