OCA Internship Placement Partner FAQ

What is required in order to host an OCA intern?

  • OCA requires all placement partners to have a designated supervisor and workstation for their intern. In addition, supervisors are required to fill out mid and final evaluations for their intern in order to facilitate their professional growth.

Is there any monetary cost toward hosting an OCA intern?

  • There is no monetary cost for our placement partners, however, they do have the option of providing transit subsidies to their interns.

How are interns chosen for the program?

  • All OCA interns have to fill out an application requiring an academic transcript, letter of recommendation, resume, and answers to our essay prompts. Our selection committee selects the most qualified interns that have interests and skills that align with our placement partners' needs.

Does my organization have a say in selecting an intern?

  • Placement partners may conduct an interview with prospective candidates to ensure that their intern is a good fit for their office.

Can my intern work from home/telework?

  • Yes, but we aim for our internships to provide our students with as much professional growth as possible and believe that in office experience is crucial to that development. We encourage that interns work at least 75% of their internship in an office space with their supervisors or office staff.

Can my intern go on external trips/conventions sponsored by my organization?

  • Yes, but it must not conflict with OCA’s Convention dates (June 26 - June 30) and interns will have to provide emergency contact info from organization.

Will my intern be paid?

  • Yes. All OCA interns are provided a $2500 living stipend to help support them through the duration of the 10 week program.


Have more questions?

Contact Andrew Lo at alo@ocanational.org.