OCA Disappointed with President’s DREAM Priorities

11 October 2017


Contact: Thu Nguyen | Communications Associate

202.223.5500 | tnguyen@ocanational.org

Washington, D.C. – OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates is disappointed with the Trump Administration’s immigration policy priorities for the DREAM Act, released Sunday night as part of a list of demands.

Among many other details, the administration wants to establish an inequitable immigration system that would eliminate the ability of US citizens to sponsor over parents, siblings, and adult children. This would limit family-based green cards to just spouses and minor children, making it even more difficult for families to reunite in the United States.

“We are disappointed by the inhumane list of demands from President Trump. The merit system inherently discriminates against Asian women. Instituting this would also erase many of the 1.8 million Asian family members currently waiting in line,” said Vicki Shu, OCA Vice President of Public Affairs. “Many Asian American and Pacific Islander immigrants arrive to the U.S. as refugees and/or to join their family, and these immigration priorities are an attack on America’s familial values. We urge the President to recall his priority list. Furthermore, Congress must pass a clean DREAM Act.”

OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates is a national organization of community advocates dedicated to improving the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs).

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