OCA Denounces Administration Misguided Policy on Immigrants

23 September 2018
Contact: Thu Nguyen | Senior Communications Associate
tnguyen@ocanational.org | 202.223.5500
Washington, DC – On Saturday, September 22nd, 2018, the Administration announced a proposal that would prevent certain immigrants from obtaining green cards.
The proposal heavily limits the ability of immigrants to apply for lawful permanent residency. In particular, it penalizes immigrants who depend on Medicare, food assistance, or Section 8 housing, despite the fact that immigrants to the United States are not eligible for these public assistance services during their first five years in the United States. This would not affect those who have already received green cards. An estimated 1.5 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders will be affected by this.
“This an unnecessary and misguided proposal that will only further the extreme culture of fear that immigrants already experience in this current political climate, said Vicki Shu, OCA National Vice President of Public Affairs. We have seen immigrant parents remove their children from programs that their US citizen children are legally entitled only because they’re scared. is proposal will force families to choose between having food, medicine, and shelter or permanent residency in our country. Additionally, the proposal will change the economic standard for immigrants seeking admission to the United States or an adjustment in their status. The message this Administration is sending is clear: immigrants, especially low-income immigrants, are not welcome in the United States. They must withdraw this this immediately. It is in America’s best interests to ensure that immigrant families, especially their children, are able to access food, medication, and other essentials services.”
OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates National Center is working with other national Asian American and Pacific Islander advocacy groups, led by the Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) to strike down this proposal.