OCA Applauds Defeat of Goodlatte Bill, Calls for Rejection of Ryan Bill

21 June 2018
Contact: Thu Nguyen | Communications Associate
202.223.5500 | tnguyen@ocanational.org
Washington, DC – OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates released the following statement following the House vote on Thursday morning. Representative Goodlatte’s Securing America’s Future bill failed to pass by a vote of 193 – 231. The House will vote on Speaker Ryan’s Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018 (H.R. 6136) bill tomorrow, which also makes cuts to the family reunification process, eliminates diversity visas, and makes it harder for applicants seeking refuge to be granted asylum in the United States.
“OCA applauds the defeat of the Goodlatte bill in the House of Representatives. It is unacceptable that the bill would have treated temporary status for undocumented youths  as a bargaining chip to cut major components of the family reunification family process. There are still 1.6 million Asian applicants in the family visa backlogs. For Representative Goodlatte to consider such a trade without providing an actual solution for DACA eligible individuals is inhumane. Though the bill was defeated today, Congress must also reject Speaker Paul Ryan’s immigration bill tomorrow. The Speaker’s bill only further hurts immigrant communities and does not provide a viable solution for the over 120,000 Asian American DREAMers or find a humane solution to keep families at the border together. Our communities must continue to call on Americans to reject H.R. 6136.” 
You can read OCA’s letter of opposition and vote recommendation HERE.
OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates is a national organization of community advocates dedicated to improving the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs).