Immigration Policy

OCA’s remains dedicated to passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill that supports all Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Our priority: to push Congress to address the massive backlog of family visa applications, of which 1.8 million are from Asian and Pacific Island countries.

OCA also advocates on behalf of all AAPI immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. We fight for their ability to equitably sponsor their families to the United States, live without fear of detention and deportation, and be provided due process rights if they are ensnared within our country’s detention and deportation system.

Additionally, OCA detests any and all profiling based on English proficiency, income, and education level in determining green card admissibility, as implemented by the Trump Administration in 2019. In Congress, we fight for family reunification and the removal of barriers to naturalization. Finally, OCA works to prevent any legislation that strips the humanity of undocumented immigrants through criminalization or the implementation of unfair hurdles in their pathway to citizenship.