Civic Engagement and Census

OCA is dedicated to uplifting AAPI voices and votes across the country. Voter suppression and fear-mongering continue to keep AAPI communities from the ballot - but we are firmly committed to fighting disenfranchisement on the local, state, and national levels.

Gerrymandering, redistricting, poll worker interference, improper demands for identification, and lack of access to in-language voting materials are all barriers our communities face before and on election day. In the last three presidential cycles, approximately 620,000 new AAPI voters entered the electorate - so it is critical that in policy and practice, we have advocates to ensure equal access to the vote. That is why OCA is passionate about ensuring every AAPI adult is enfranchised.

Alongside local, state, and national elections, the decennial census is hugely important to the political representation and federal funding allotment of our communities. OCA has been a Get Out the Count community organizer and a Census Bureau national partner since 1990 - and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. OCA National serves as a resource center for our chapters and members through the dissemination of information, organizing strategies, and coordination efforts.

Ultimately, OCA fights for a fair and accurate census that counts every person in the U.S., especially hard-to-count communities like AAPIs, immigrants, children, and non-homeowners.