AAPI Womxn's Initiative

The AAPI Womxn's Initiative began as part of OCA’s effort to be more aware and inclusive of issues and challenges that AAPI womxn face. We make space to bring together AAPI womxn from various backgrounds and sectors to discuss how they can uplift and support each other, as well as their collective civic power. We hope to create a framework in order to train and develop AAPI womxn leaders throughout the country and develop a strong social network for our self-empowerment.  

The goals of the AAPI Womxn’s Initiative are:

  • Convene AAPI womxn from various regions, sectors, and careers to allow for strategic networking

  • Train and develop AAPI womxn leaders throughout the country to help them reach their highest potential

  • Develop a strong network of empowered AAPI womxn leaders

In 2019, we will be hosting AAPI Womxn’s Initiative Summits in:

For more information or questions, contact
Lumi Youm (lumi.youm@ocanational.org)

We thank our sponsors and community partners in past years:

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Southwest is the official airline of the Womxn's Initiative

Southwest is the official airline of the Womxn's Initiative

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