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WHEREAS,       OCA is one of the largest and oldest civil rights organizations in the United States of America; and  

WHEREAS,       In 1994, OCA resolved to oppose discriminatory practices against the gay and lesbian community;  

WHEREAS,       OCA will continue to be an advocate and strive toward fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of Chinese Americans and Asian Pacific Americans in the United States; and
WHEREAS,      OCA recognizes that Asian Pacific Americans, especially Chinese Americans, have been the targets of numerous discriminatory laws that have harmed their families and communities, including bans on interracial marriage, immigration restrictions, and exclusionary acts; and 

WHEREAS,       Although lawfully enacted, these discriminatory laws were morally reprehensible and wrong because they legitimized unfair practices which denied basic human rights to certain classes at the time; and
WHEREAS,      That legacy of discrimination continues to impact thousands of gay and lesbian members within the Asian Pacific American community who are currently excluded from over 1,100 federal rights that come with marriage; and 

WHEREAS,      Those rights include, but are not limited to, the right to sponsor a partner for immigration to the U.S., collect social security survivors benefits, file joint income tax returns, and exercise family and medical leave; and, 

WHEREAS,       Our country, including the Asian Pacific American community, is strengthened by individuals who are partnered in committed familial relationships; and 

WHEREAS,       American families, like the fabric of our American Society, are quilts of many colors and cloths with strong, committed families including single parent households, adult children caring for elderly parents, adult siblings caring for minor siblings; and
WHEREAS,      More than 38,000 Asian Pacific Americans in same-sex relationships, and Asian Pacific American same-sex couples are raising more than 17,000 children under 18, and these families would all stand to benefit from the full protections of marriage; and
WHEREAS,      Numerous Asian Pacific Americans, including many Chinese Americans, are advancing the struggle for marriage equality for same-sex couples across the country; and
WHEREAS,      OCA recognizes that marriage equality for same-sex couples is an important issue, not only because it impacts so many thousands of families in the Asian Pacific American community, but also because it advances the principles of social justice, equal opportunity, and fair treatment for all; and
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that OCA supports legal recognition for individuals in committed familial relationships without limitation based upon race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation 
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