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Passed April 23, 2005

WHEREAS   OCA strives toward embracing the hopes and aspirations of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States; and

WHEREAS   OCA supports any and all efforts to expand education for students who desire it; and

WHEREAS   OCA recognizes the invaluable contribution of immigrants to the economy and educational systems of the United States; and

WHEREAS   Many immigrant students have grown up in the U.S., excelled in high school, and shown the drive and potential to attend college,
WHEREAS   These immigrant students have come to the U.S. with their parents, most without any control over their immigrant status,
WHEREAS   These students deserve to be judged according to their own character and merit, regardless of their country of birth or immigrant status, and should have an equal opportunity to pursue higher education, and contribute to and become citizens of the country they call home, the United States; and
WHEREAS   The DREAM Act would repeal section 505 of the Illegal Immigration and Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act of 1996 which discourages states from providing in-state tuition or other higher education benefits without regard to immigration status; and

   The DREAM Act would further grant immigrant students who qualify, the opportunity to apply for conditional permanent resident status upon acceptance to college, graduation from high school, or being awarded a general equivalency diploma and granted lawful permanent resident status after having met the required criteria; and 

WHEREAS   The DREAM Act already has more than 40 cosponsors from both parties in the Senate and the Student Adjustment Act has a bipartisan list of more than 130 cosponsors in the House.   

   that OCA supports the DREAM Act which will provide immigrant students with a pathway towards lawful permanent resident status, open up opportunities for higher education and encourage them to become proud and productive role models in their community by giving back through community service; and

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED   that OCA will continue to recognize the diversity that immigrants from all over the world bring to the United States, the positive contributions they have made and the legacy they are leaving for the future generation, regardless of their immigration status.  
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