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Passed April 18, 2004*
WHEREAS   The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) is a national civil rights advocacy and educational organization, and
WHEREAS   OCA has always fought against racial and religious profiling, and
WHEREAS   Chaplain James Yee is a third generation Chinese American born into a Lutheran Christian family, and 

WHEREAS   Chaplain James Yee was a West Point graduate with numerous honors and recognition for serving his country, and 

WHEREAS   Chaplain James Yee converted to Islam in April 1991 and was deployed to Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the Gulf War, and 

WHEREAS   after the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, Chaplain James Yee publicly condemned the terrorist act and preached exclusively about Islam as a religion of peace, and  

WHEREAS   Chaplain James Yee is a captain in the U.S. Army who served honorably at Guantanomo Bay, where his primary duty was in ministering to detainees and suspected terrorists of Islamic faith, and  

WHEREAS   on Sept. 10, 2003 the U.S. Army decided to secretly arrest Chaplain James Yee in which he was searched and seized, and 

   without sustainable evidence, Chaplain James Yee was placed in solitary confinement for 76 days while the U.S. Army tried to figure out what to charge him with, and 

WHEREAS   his disappearance resembles those of the thousands of immigrants of Arab, Islamic, and South Asian descent who disappeared through secret arrests, detention, and deportations, and were forcibly separated from their wives and children, and 

WHEREAS   someone, anonymously, leaked to the media (Washington Times) about the U.S. Army’s intention to charge Chaplain James Yee with treason and espionage, among other charges, with fanfare and mystery, and

WHEREAS   only later did the U.S. Army file formal charges against him for "improper handling of classified information,” and

WHEREAS   after 76 days of solitary confinement on November 25, he was released and ordered to resume his chaplain duties at Fort Benning, Georgia, but had two more minor charges of adultery and possession of pornography added, and 
WHEREAS   after an additional 4 months of waiting and 6 postponements of his preliminary hearings, on March 19, 2004, the U.S. Army dropped all criminal charges against him, including mishandling of classified information, and  

WHEREAS   two minor charges under administrative proceedings were subsequently instituted against Chaplain James Yee, then dropped when challenged, and 

WHEREAS   these actions of repeatedly making unsustained charges have destroyed the professional reputation of Chaplain James Yee and caused his family to incur substantial financial liabilities, and 

WHEREAS   these actions reflect disturbing examples of hastily brought criminal and administrative charges by the U.S. Army against this U.S. Army Captain and Chaplain, and 

WHEREAS   by comparison, Col. Jack Farr of Army Intelligence was also charged with mishandling classified material, but was never arrested nor thrown into solitary confinement, and 

WHEREAS   to this date, there exist no charges against Chaplain James Yee which affect national security; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that OCA supports a full exoneration and justice for Chaplain James Yee and calls upon the United States Government to initiate an immediate inquiry into the handling of the case of United States Army Chaplain James Yee; 

that OCA demands an apology and compensation from the government for creating this unjust and prolonged ordeal suffered by Chaplain James Yee and his family, and also destroying his career as a military chaplain though false accusations, arrest, detention, and reprimand; 

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that OCA advocates that the war on terrorism cannot become an excuse for any government to trump basic rights or to profile on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion.
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