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Resolution on Chink’s Steaks  

WHEREAS the word "chink” is recognized throughout the United States as a slur for Chinese Americans and Asian Americans; and  

WHEREAS Joseph Groh owns and operates Chink’s Steaks at Torresdale Avenue and Benner Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and  

WHEREAS Chink’s Steaks was named for the previous owner, the late Samuel "Chink” Sherman; and  WHEREAS Mildred Sherman, the widow of Samuel Sherman, admits that her husband received the nickname of  "chink” because "(h)e had slanty eyes…and the kids started calling him ‘chink’”; and 

WHEREAS Susannah Park, a resident of Philadelphia, and others have spoken to Joseph Groh about racially derogatory reasons for changing the restaurant name; and  WHEREAS Mr. Groh has been fully advised of the offensive nature of the word "chink”; and  

WHEREAS Mr. Groh refuses to change the restaurant name; and  

WHEREAS Ms. Park has begun a campaign to change the name and has received considerable hate mail as a result; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Organization of Chinese Americans strongly urges the change of the name of Chink’s Steaks and encourages all Americans to take this opportunity to learn about the harm caused from the use of racial slurs; and  

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the OCA hereby authorizes its officers to take the necessary steps in order to support a name change for Chink’s Steaks and to conduct the appropriate education about the use of anti-Asian racial slurs.
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