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July 17, 1998 

WHEREAS, past discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, and disability have left and continues to leave a legacy of limited and inequitable opportunities for minorities, women and persons with disabilities; and 

WHEREAS, discrimination continues to be a private and serious problem in work environments, schools and universities, public and private contracting, and in every aspect of American life; and 

WHEREAS, growing racism and backlash against the intended beneficiaries of affirmative action impedes the progress we have made toward a more just society and threatens the future of our children; and 

WHEREAS, Asian Pacific Americans have been historically discriminated against and continue to face discrimination, disparities in treatment, and limited and unequal opportunities in employment, education, and contracting; and 

WHEREAS, affirmative action programs under legally permissible standards have made progress in leveling the field of opportunity for qualified individuals, has helped integrate previously segregated areas, has mitigated the effects of discrimination, and has provided Asian Pacific Americans with opportunities they were previously denied despite their qualifications and merit; and

WHEREAS, Washington State Initiative 200, a deceptively worded measure similar to California's Proposition 209, which was opposed by over 61% of Asian Pacific Americans voting, will ban affirmative action, re-create segregated conditions, perpetuate discrimination and its effects, and move us back in time; and 

WHEREAS, a broad coalition of citizens representing civil rights, community, women, minority, and labor organizations, religious institutions, bipartisan support, corporations and businesses, has joined together to form the NO!200 Coalition to oppose Initiative 200 and to educate the public about the benefits of and continuing need for affirmative action; 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Organization of Chinese Americans reaffirms its support for affirmative action, opposes Washington State Initiative 200, supports the efforts of the NO!200 Coalition, and urges all public officials and OCA members to take appropriate action in support of the resolution.

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