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Previous interns were also placed at various government agencies. At these government agencies, interns were able to experience working in the public sector on a day to day basis and gain experience within their field of interest. Below are some previous placements and the tasks the interns took on at those government agencies.


Department of Justice
[Voting Rights Section]

Past DOJ Voting Rights Section interns have gained experience by:

  • Reviewing submissions made under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • Writing briefs of submissions
  • Calling minority contacts from the community to gain insight into various perspectives of voting changes
  • Drafting determination letters for each submission made
  • Utilizing tools such as STAPS and Quattro Pro to retrieve data and fill out annecation forms

Department of Transportation

[Departmental Office of Civil Rights]

Interns can expect to:

  • Conduct research for various projects including research on House bills, legislation, regulations and general information
  • Complete surveys for various projects
  • Create spreadsheets for data
  • Draft briefs on committees to be presented to director
  • Draft evaluations of specific plans and give presentations
  • Formulate policy statements
  • Review and provide input/opinions on quality and effectiveness of documents
  • Prepare presentations for various projects


Department of Veteran Affairs
[Construction and Facilities Management]

Past interns with the DVA have engaged in:

  • Initiating activities for the Summer VA Students and Interns
  • Coordinating events such as luncheons, a career panel dialogue
  • Acting as an assistant management analyst
  • Creating SF 52s, personnel action documents
  • Maintaining position descriptions by creating folders and electronic copies of documents
  • Assisting with filing and creating a new format for the hiring process

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
[Office of Communications and Legislative Affairs]

Past interns have gained experience by:

  • Spending time learning about the history of the agency and its relationship to the AAPI community
  • Participating in weekly communications team meetings
  • Working on independent projects
  • Organizing and archiving records of conversations with the press

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
[Office of Research, Information and Planning]

Past interns have gained experience by:

  • Learning how to use the SAS program, a statistical analysis program
  • Writing and modifying SAS programs to organize and analyze data
  • Participating in briefings
  • Discussing opinions on data
  • Write memos on data
  • Giving presentations
  • Developing a guide for a new program developed by the EEOC for investigators

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
[Office of Employment Opportunity]

Past interns have gained experience by:

  • Developing and aiding federal partnerships by working with the organization’s Affinity Groups
  • Briefing employees on facts about Affinity partners
  • Creating fact sheets
  • Creating long-term projects such as developing and creating language, site design and information for an internal Web site
  • Researching past leadership development programs
  • Learning about civil rights law
  • Assisting the Attorney Advisor with complaints filed by EEOC employees

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Interns at the EPA have gained experience by:

  • Organizing community service project and luncheon events
  • Job-shadowing
  • Editing and re-creating fact sheets (ex: dispelling the model minority myth)
  • Coordinating a community outreach project for AAPI interns and an elementary school
  • Developing an internal communications plan
  • Designing brochures, logos
  • Writing descriptive summaries about Web 2.0 applications


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Past FAA interns have engaged in:

  • Using data analysis to find trends among runway incursions
  • Creating pivot tables and using regression analysis
  • Determining the effectiveness of the Air Traffic Safety Assurance Program (ATSAP)
  • Reading through over 200 narratives
  • Developing and assigning a system of causal factors
  • Attending the Runway Safety Quarterly Performance Review (QPR)
  • Interacting with a mentor
  • Attending meetings and networking with various people in the organization

Nuclear Regulatory Commissions (NRC)
For students with an engineering or mechanical science background only

Interns at the NRC have gained experience by:

  • Being treated as a peer by professionals
  • Working on substantive projects under senior engineers (ex: video project on teaching people about fire protection)
  • Summarizing and analyzing a database
  • Organizing and summarizing reports

U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

OMB interns have previously had the chance to:

  • Work in the Budget Concepts Branch (BCB) in the Budget Review Division (BRD)
  • Compile databases of past and current legal authority for federal investments in non-federal securities
  • Update an OMB-wide database on continuing resolution (CR) exception apportionments
  • Analyze budget accounts according to budget size and legal language
  • Research federal investments in general
  • Attend meetings with representatives from the Department of Treasury


Washington D.C. Mayor’s Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs (OAPIA)

Interns at the Mayo’s Office on API Affairs can expect to:

  • Work on projects serving the needs of API communities and organizations
  • Learn about the District’s various government agencies and what they do
  • Fill one of three internship positions:
    • Language Access Intern. Interns will focus on language access-related issues affecting API communities; gathering information through research, interviewing and surveying; assisting the Language Access Coordinator to help implement the language access act; conducting an assessment of agency frontline centers; researching practices by municipal governments to provide linguistically and culturally appropriate services to APIs; and creating reference manuals for agencies on the API community.
    • Outreach Intern. Interns can expect to work closely with the Outreach Team; assist outreach coordinators with various projects and activities; visit community-based organizations, residents and business owners, provide case assistant to District residents and merchants; make simple translations; be responsible for administrative duties. Interns must be bilingual in English and Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin or Cantonese.

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