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Unsung Heroes
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The OCA Unsung Heroes Award, presented by Buick, recognizes the many OCA volunteers who are the unsung heroes working behind the scenes in their respective chapters dedicating their time and efforts to advancing the many causes on behalf of OCA and their local community. These men and women unselfishly share their time, consistently and willingly extend a helping hand showing enthusiasm and initiative while promoting OCA’s mission.

2013 OCA Unsung Heroes

 (L to R General Motors Representative, Eleanor Reece, Dr. Xin Zheng, William Tran, Susan McKee, Dr. Wah Sang Lee, Suzie Lee, and OCA National President Sharon M. Wong)


Suzie Lee, OCA-East Bay
Dr. Wang Sang Lee, OCA-New York
Susan McKee, OCA-Greater Sacramento
William Tran, OCA-Greater Los Angeles
Dr. Xin Zheng, OCA-Westchester Hudson Valley

Clara Chiu, 
OCA-Greater Los Angeles
Victoria Ma, 
OCA-Greater Houston
Wooiyi Yin, 
Susie Yuen, 
OCA-New York

Peggy Chen, OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley
Rita Chu, OCA-St. Louis
Kwong Eng, OCA-New York
Sam Luk, OCA-Greater Los Angeles
Astria Wong, OCA-Greater Phoenix
Nancy Woo, OCA-Greater Sacramento

William H.P. Kaung, OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley
Grace Lee, OCA-St. Louis
Janis Woo, OCA-Long Island
Yu Sing Yee, OCA-New York
Helen Yu, OCA-New Jersey

Joan S. Jia, OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley
Ian C. Lim, OCA-Dallas/Fort Worth
Anna Wong, OCA-Wisconsin

Benjamin Yeung, OCA-San Mateo

George Yin, OCA-Greater Los Angeles

Ken and Maricel Avelino
Ann and Howard Chan, OCA-Long Island
Jerry S.Y. Cheng, OCA-New York
Phoenix Y. Cheng, OCA-Pittsburgh
Wallace S.J. Ching, OCA-Hawaii
Michael K. Fong, OCA-Greater Los Angeles
Julie Hwang, OCA-Dallas/Fort Worth
David Lai Len, OCA-New Jersey
Wade W. Loo, OCA-San Mateo
Xiaochun Luo, OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley

Janet Carr, OCA-Wisconsin

Pamela Chueh & Christian Griffith, OCA-Greater Sacramento
Wanda Eng, OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley
Debbie F. Leong, OCA-Long Island
Vida Chan Lin, OCA-Las Vegas
Virginia Lou Ng, OCA-New Jersey
Elizabeth OuYang, OCA-New York
Chia-Pih Shaw, OCA-Pittsburgh
Helen Sing, OCA-Detroit
Victoria Ta, OCA-Orange County

John Chen,
OCA-Greater Houston
Susan Foo,
Rung Fong Hsu,
OCA-Greater Sacramento
Martin Jung,
OCA-San Mateo
Mamie Lau,
OCA-New Jersey
Lily Lee,
OCA-Greater Washington DC
Lisa Lee,
OCA-Long Island
Daniel Wan,
OCA-Northern Virginia
Ron & Jean Young,
OCA-New England
Kai Tung Yu,
OCA-New York

Thomas Chien, OCA-Fairfield County
Cora Chin,
OCA-Greater Chicago
James Chu, OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley
Michael Head, OCA-Greater Sacramento
Leo Lee, OCA-New York
Linda Lee, OCA-New Jersey
Colleen Seto, OCA-Greater Los Angeles
Kim Szeto, OCA-Greater Houston
Dr. Leon Wang, OCA-Virginia Beach
Gladys Yan, OCA-Long Island

Susanna Chung,
OCA-Greater Seattle
Pearl Dong,
OCA-Long Island
Nancy Hong,
OCA-Dallas/Ft. Worth
Ray Lee,
OCA-New Jersey
Helen Tang,
OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley
Melanie Wong,
OCA-Greater Washington DC
Sammy Wong,
OCA-New York
Michael Wu,
OCA-Fairfield County
Angela Yee,
Jim Zhang,
OCA-Eastern Virginia

Pauline Brody, OCA-Fairfield County
Chih Ping Cheng,
Melissa Chun, OCA-Greater Seattle
Jenny Kho, OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley
Florence Kung, OCA-New Jersey
Cecilia Leung, OCA-Dallas/Ft. Worth
Mary Quan, OCA-New England
Ed Sing, OCA-Detroit
Renee Tang, OCA-New York
Stacy Toda, OCA-Greater Los Angeles

Kenneth An, OCA-New England
Jeffrey Pwu & LunHan Yeh, OCA-Greater Washington DC
Betty & David Eng, OCA-Wisconsin
Mei Ling Hsu, OCA-Greater Seattle
May Lai, OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley
Dennis Murasaki, OCA-South Florida
Albert Chu, OCA-New Jersey
Tracie Yen, OCA-San Diego
Fran Nakoong, OCA-Greater Cleveland
Kathy Omachi, OCA-Central California

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