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Forwarded by a community member on July 1, 2014

80-20 needs your guidance. It's a 2 minute poll. Please answer in the

FOLLOWING FORM: (1)c (2)a & (3)b.

Background Information:

Tom Hayashi, OCA Executive Director, says that "We ardently hope that the

Court of Appeals will uphold the University of Texas’ admission policy. Race-

conscious admission policies create a more equitable educational landscape

for APA students, … (emphasis added)" OCA was a good org. Is it still?

Purpose of the this Poll

80-20 wants to find a way to let OCA know that the Asian Am. community

strongly DISapprove of OCA's current position in college admissions. One

possibly effective way is to BOYCOTT OCA's coming National Convention in D.C.

on July 20 and 21. We can't afford having Asian Am civil rights orgs. selling our

interests. They should at least poll to find out what our community wants.

Q1: Which of the following best describes your relationship with OCA?

a) Never heard of OCA

b) have heard of OCA but that's about it

c) have been an OCA member and/or donated to OCA

d) have been an OCA chapter/national official

e) have planned to attend the OCA National Convention until now

Q2: Are you for boycotting OCA's upcoming National Convention?

a) strongly against

b) somewhat against

c) neutral

d) somewhat for

e) strongly for

If you answered Q2 with a), b) or c), ignore Q3.

Q3:If 80-20 decides to call for a boycott, will you forward 80-20's boycott


a) sorry, no

b) yes, but only to a few friends

c) yes, to ALL Asian Ams on my email list

d) I really want to see the boycott succeed, and will organize my friends to

pass this message.


S. B. Woo, a volunteer

President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Initiative and National

President of OCA (1991)

For unsubscribing, copy "" WITHOUT the

quotation marks and REPLY by pasting the keyword at the beginning of

your subject line. Or click the following web link

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