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Affirmative Action
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Men and women of all races are born with the same range of abilities. But ability is not just the product of birth. Ability is stretched or stunted by the family that you live with, and the neighborhood you live in—by the school you go to and the poverty or the richness of your surroundings. It is the product of a hundred unseen forces playing upon the little infant, the child, and finally the man.” -Lyndon B. Johnson

recognizes equal opportunity admission policies as a cornerstone program that effectively responds to historical discrimination, racial economic disparities, and promotes a more equitable playing field for all APA students. By expanding opportunity to the historically underprivileged, higher education policies can empower and advance communities. The community’s support is demonstrated in accordance with a 2011 Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) report, that says that 75% of Asian American support equal opportunity programs.

In a stand of solidarity, OCA joins advocates from the APA, African American, Latino, and LGBT communities to advocate for equal opportunity policies that represent a life defining equalizer for APAs in the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin Supreme Court Case.

If the Supreme Court were to rule in favor of the plaintiff, equal opportunity policies would hurt diversity in higher education and disenfranchise tens of thousands of APAs. According to a 2010 UCLA study, United States schools are more segregated today than in the 1950s.

The model minority perception of APAs is extremely damaging to educational attainment for many in our community. OCA recognizes the realities of racialized economic disparity among communities in accordance to a 2010 census report; nearly 60% of Hmong, 53% of Cambodian, and 50% of Laotian Americans have less than a high school education.

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